3 Reasons Your Household Needs Shaw Carpet

Is your carpet looking a little dingy from all of the wear? Does your color scheme scream 1970s? Are there permanent dirt and stains that just won’t come out, regardless of how many times [...]

What Sets Milliken Carpet Above the Competition

Make a Statement in Your Home with Milliken Carpet Carpet is the softest, warmest, and most cushioned flooring you can choose for your home. This is a wonderfully comfortable flooring option. [...]

What Makes Southwind Carpet a Great Flooring Option

The Benefits of Southwind Carpet Edwards Carpet and Flooring provides a vast selection of flooring choices as well as free removal of the old carpet and padding. If you feel that it’s time [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Mohawk Carpet

Benefits of Mohawk Carpet Carpet is the warmest of flooring options you can pick for your home, and nothing beats the softness of carpet. It is absolutely the most comfortable option you can [...]

PET Carpet 101

What is PET Carpet? Are you looking for an eco-friendly carpet for your home or a remodeling project? If so, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) carpet may be exactly what you are looking for. [...]

Benefits of Anso Nylon Carpeting

Why Anso Nylon Carpeting is a Good Choice For Your Home Of course when you’re searching for a new carpet you are going to want something that is well-rounded and extremely durable, and [...]

3 Reasons to Love Southwind Carpet

Why Southwind Carpet is Right for You When it comes to the flooring in your home or business, not all carpets are created equal. Edwards Carpet only supplies those with manufactures we’re proud [...]

When Carpet Floor Might be the Best Option

When to use Carpet Floor If you are looking into new flooring options for your home, don’t discredit carpet floor over hardwood or tile. There are certain instances where carpeting just might be [...]

The Benefits of Dream Weaver Brand Carpet

Reasons to Consider Dream Weaver Carpet For Your Home Dream Weaver Brand Carpet is famous for its PureColor® fiber technology, designed to resist fading and keep your carpeting looking fresh and [...]

Wear-Dated® Nylon Carpet: High-End Quality

Get the Most Out of Your Carpet with Wear-Dated® Nylon Carpet  It used to be that chemical giant Dupont’s Stainmaster® carpet was a popular choice among homeowners looking for a carpet that [...]

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