2021 Flooring Trends To Look For

2021 Flooring Trends To Look For

Get your home ready for 2021 with these new up and coming flooring trends. The accents in your home influence the overall mood and aesthetic. In 2021 homes will begin to look inviting and warm while maintaining modern and unique styles. Adjusting your flooring is an excellent way to cultivate a new feeling in your home.


Hardwood is and always will be a classic. It’s often chosen for its wide variety and durability. Previously, the only option in the past for wood flooring was traditional hardwood. Now there are other materials you can install that look like hardwood but are not traditional wood. For example, laminate and luxury vinyl are excellent dupes for hardwood flooring and easier to care for. At Edwards Carpet, we carry various laminate, vinyl, and tile brands that include hardwood-style flooring. You can curate the look you want but with less hassle. If you are more into traditional hardwood, we carry that as well.


Start 2021 off right by looking for different ways to include patterns and textures into your home. Flooring styles like stone and marble are excellent ways to change the look of your home. In 2021 expect to see more bold colors, shapes, and sizes in your flooring. As different colors, like navy, become more popular on homes’ walls, you’ll start to see unique flooring to go with it. Geometric patterns are excellent options to coincide with small prints on the wall. You can also go with geometric patterns that are more than one color, like black and white, for example.

To learn more about different flooring styles, you’ll find in 2021, check out Edward’s Carpet. At Edward’s, we carry a variety of flooring styles and brands to meet your needs. You can find something for any room and any style at one of our four locations. Visit us in Ellisville, Creve Couer, Des Peres, and St. Charles to find your new flooring for the upcoming year.