Why You Should Choose Southwind Carpeting

Southwind Carpeting

There are a plethora of types of carpet currently on the market, and that can often make it difficult to find the right one for your home. One of the brands that stands out amongst the rest is Southwind carpeting and for good reason.

While there are many reasons why Southwind carpeting is the perfect choice for your home, we are going to highlight a select few we feel are most important.

1) Environmentally friendly

There are not many carpet options that blend environmentally friendly and residential use, but Southwind Carpets is one of them. The eco-friendly polyurethane carpet backing is specifically in place to handle rugged wear and tear from residential use. Plus, it is made of rapidly renewable and recycled materials, manufactured with post-consumer recycled PET plastic. Its patent-pending Extruded Fiberization adhesion layer is designed to provide flexibility and strength.

2) Great value

The environmental friendliness of the product is also balanced by its value. Southwind Carpets have been laser-focused on providing high-quality products without incurring a huge price tag. These broadloom carpets are designed to be affordable while still retaining their quality. Southwind carpeting comes in a range of options that can suit different price points while still looking like the amazing, high-quality products that they are.

3) A rich history

Operating since 1994, Southwind Carpets has made a name for itself. Its reputation is based on providing a complete range of residential products that are durable and beautiful – a rare combination. Its history of excellence is also rooted in its extensive reach throughout the nation as well as its experienced sales staff. Whether you are just browsing, or ready to purchase a home, sales staff is always willing to answer your carpet-related questions.

Finding the perfect carpet can be challenging, but not impossible. Your house is a home, and we understand how important that feeling is – especially when you have the right carpet. To learn more about our product offerings and how we can help you find the right items for your home, please contact us.