3 Reasons to Love Southwind Carpet

Southwind Carpet

Why Southwind Carpet is Right for You

When it comes to the flooring in your home or business, not all carpets are created equal. Edwards Carpet only supplies those with manufactures we’re proud to work with, like Southwind Carpet. Read on to find out why Southwind Carpet is one of the brands we are proud to recommend to our customers.

  1. Quality Product of the USA

Southwind Carpet prides themselves on providing high quality, affordable broadloom carpeting. Their comprehensive range of residential and commercial carpets are made in the USA, in Dalton, Georgia. By producing here in the USA, Southwind can ensure consistent quality while creating jobs both locally and around the United States.

  1. Environmentally Conscious

As a major producer of carpeting, Southwind Carpet strives to minimize their environmental footprint. Southwind is moving toward leaving the smallest impact possible on the environment in every aspect of manufacturing and production. Throughout its many processes, the company focuses on the responsible use of raw materials and natural resources as well as reducing waste and recycling.

  1. Made to Last & Live

Southwind Carpet understands that you and your family will not only love your carpeting, you’ll live on it! To help keep your floors looking fresh, Southwind offers a variety of warranties. Ranging from 10 to 15 years, these warranties can help fight against staining, wear and tear, and texture loss. These carpets are designed with simple care expectations that are realistic for busy families. With regular vacuuming, and the occasional professional cleaning, your Southwind Carpets will remain a beautiful part of your home for yours to come.

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