3 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Flooring Has Become So Popular

Worker making flooring with vinyl tiles

It’s rare to find a product that looks great, is durable, and doesn’t come with an exorbitant price tag. Perhaps that’s why luxury vinyl flooring has enjoyed an exponential growth in popularity during recent years.

For use in the kitchen to the bedroom – and everywhere in between – homeowners are turning to luxury vinyl as their flooring choice. This article explains why there’s no sign of this trend slowing down.

1.      High-End Look Without the Premium Prices

It’s hard to beat the rich, natural appearance of hardwood floors. But with the cost of materials, installation, and maintenance, it’s just not worth the price for homeowners with a budget. Vinyl provides the opportunity to capture this same look at a fraction of the price.

Finding a color and textural style that allows you to achieve your ideal home aesthetic is easy with luxury vinyl due to the array of options. From sophisticated dark browns to chic and modern grey tones, you’ll almost certainly find the color of your dreams…without the sticker shock associated with hardwood.

2.      Durability and Ease of Maintenance

If your home is occupied by children (of the human or four-legged variety), there’s no way around it – your floors are going to take a beating. Luckily, vinyl floor was designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday life, and then some. Vinyl flooring is made with multiple layers that are designed to maintain their integrity even in high-traffic areas.

In addition to being water resistant and more resilient than wood when it comes to scratches and dents, cleaning and maintenance is relatively easy compared to other flooring options. Regular vacuuming can keep most dirt and dust at bay, and weekly mopping with warm water and dishwashing solution will keep your floors looking new for years. Unlike wood flooring, there’s no need for periodic resealing or refinishing.

In the event that your floor suffers a dent, chip, or scratch, you should be able to replace specific sections without huge costs associated with the repair.

3.      Installation Is a Breeze

Anyone who’s had tile or wood floors installed in their home knows that the ordeal is anything but easy and quick. From the noise to the smells (not to mention all that dust!), it’s enough to make anyone wonder: is this worth it?

Luxury vinyl flooring is designed with easy installation in mind. Many brands offer a self-adhesive option, which means DIY installs are possible if your subfloor has been properly prepared. If trimming is necessary to achieve the perfect fit, a simple utility knife should get the job done. Once your floor has been adhered, a hand roller can be used to strengthen the adhesive bond. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this!

Your Flooring Upgrade Starts Here

If luxury vinyl flooring sounds like the right choice for your home, the next step is scheduling a consultation to discuss your specific needs in more detail. An Edwards Carpet team member can help you with pricing information, product details, and explain to expect during your project.

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