3 Reasons Your Household Needs Shaw Carpet

Shaw Carpet

Is your carpet looking a little dingy from all of the wear? Does your color scheme scream 1970s? Are there permanent dirt and stains that just won’t come out, regardless of how many times you clean them? Do you feel less than ecstatic walking around your house in your bare feet? Then it sounds like your carpets are in need of a serious upgrade. Check out three reasons why you should choose Shaw carpet for your household today!

  1. It’s great for households with pets or little ones. With LifeGuard waterproof backing, stain-resistant nylon, and the proprietary R2X Stain and Soil Repellant treatment, Shaw carpet can stand up to life’s toughest challenges and still look great – even against 25,000 lbs of water! They’re easy to clean, and stains don’t stand a chance against them.
  2. It’s perfect for those with an eye for design. With hundreds of colors and designs available, your carpets can get the modern makeover they so desperately need. Choose from a wide palette of solid tonal colors, subtle textures, or bold accents, and compare samples before you buy. Plus, Shaw carpets use SoftBac to prevent wrinkles and hide seams, making your newly installed carpet look absolutely flawless for longer.
  3. It’s ideal for keeping your toes happy. Shaw carpet is renowned for it’s plush softness. And on top of that, Edwards Carpet provides a complimentary premium 8 lb pad with every carpet installation. Banish cold floors and worn, flat carpet from your bedrooms, living rooms, basement, and playrooms; your feet will thank you.

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