3 Things You Need To Know About Tile Floors

Tile Floors

Color Variations & More – Things To Know About Tile Floors

Tile is a great choice in flooring. Whether you want an easy to clean surface in a high traffic area, or a water-resistant surface in your kitchen, tile is a beautiful and durable solution. With all the choices on the market, how do you start? Let’s discuss 3 important things to know about tile floors before you buy.

Understand Your Labels

When you look at a sample piece of tile or its packaging, you well see a “V” rating. This will let you know what level of variation you can expect in coloring from tile to tile.

  • V1 indicates that there is little to no variation in color. If you are looking for a solidly colored finish, this is the way to go. Each tile will look like the next.
  • V2 indicates a small level of variation from tile to tile. These tiles will give you a slightly more textured finish while retaining a solid feel.
  • V3 indicates noticeable variations from tile to tile. No two will look exactly alike. To get a good idea of what you would be purchasing, you will want to see a number of these tiles at once. Simply looking at a single tile could be misleading if the bulk of them turn out to darker or lighter than the one you happen to notice.
  • V4 indicates the greatest variation from tile to tile. Just like with the V3, you will want a good-sized sample to determine the right color for your project.

Purchase Enough

Tile is produced in “runs.” While manufacturers strive to keep things consistent, there are inevitable variations from run to run. If you run out of tiles before you finish your project, you may find that the color run is no longer available. Then you risk having your project coming out wrong. You may even need to start over.

Know Your Installer

An experienced installer will be able to help you order the right amount of tiles. He’ll also get them into place with little waste because he has the right equipment to measure and cut it to fit your space properly. It’s easy to mess up a tile job, don’t leave it to chance.

We here at Edwards Carpet know more than you could imagine about tile floors. From choosing a color scheme to professional installation, we can help you make your space beautiful. Contact us to get started today.