Benefits of American Olean Tile Flooring

American Olean

American Olean Tile Flooring

American Olean defines elegance with their porcelain tile floors. They have quite a variety of styles available, every one just as stunning as the next. There is something perfect for every room of your house. If you are not fond of chilly tile flooring, under floor radiant heating mats will make your floor comfortable to walk on all year round.

Porcelain Tile with a Hardwood Style

Harvest Grove, Creekwood, and Historic Bridge are among the American Olean tile styles that resemble wood. The tiles are even shaped like wood planks, making the floor appear to be made of authentic hard wood. With several colors and styles to choose from, there is a wood style to go with any room decor.

Porcelain Tile with a Stone Look

Styles like Danya, Stone Clare, and Kendal Slate are just a few of the tile styles that simulate the look of stone. These come in colors like riverbed, stream, and bluff, and are just as beautiful as real stone. They also have the benefit of sitting nicely over underfloor heat mats, so your floor can look like stone and still be warm on your feet. This is a wonderful touch for the spa bathroom designs that are so popular today.

Porcelain Tile Looks

Yes, there is even porcelain tile that looks like porcelain tile. This vintage look will never go out of style. Many styles are available in polished and unpolished varieties, and designs and hues vary enough to find the perfect match for any room. As most floor seekers are on the market for basic/ natural colors, there a lot of these colors and styles to choose from. However, American Olean takes the flooring game to the next level by also offering fun colors like genuine green, electric blue, and primary yellow.

Not Just a Look

The texture of American Olean tile matches its look perfectly. This means the wood grain you see is not just an image on a tile, but these tiles also feature wood-like textures. The same goes for stone looks as well. Not only will your floors look authentic, but they will feel authentic too.

Easy Care

Tile is by definition easy to keep clean. A sealant over the tile and grout will keep them protected, and is recommended, especially for the kitchen and bathroom. Just sweep and mop as needed to keep your floors looking good as new. You should use welcome mats to help keep dirt and mud to a minimum. This will help prolong the life of the floor, and extend time between cleanings.

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers, we take pride in offering you the very best in quality flooring options. That is why we choose to offer American Olean Tile as one of your flooring options. Contact us for more information about this or any of your flooring needs.