American Olean Tile: Sustainable and Long-lasting


When choosing your flooring option, you want to make sure it is something that will last. Not only that, but sustainable flooring is becoming more popular every day. Why not combine the two? A great sustainable and long-lasting flooring option is tile, and American Olean can help. American Olean is a top creator of environmentally friendly and sturdy tile flooring. These are our three reasons why you should choose this tile over any other!


Sustainable means not living beyond your means, so the generation or others behind you have the same luxury. You are choosing to be consciously aware of the environment and your impact on it. According to American Olean, tile has the lowest carbon footprint of any flooring option. Also, tile is green certified and is entirely free of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. VOCs are chemical compounds that ultimately pollute our air. If you have an abundance of VOCs in your flooring, you and your family can start to be affected.  To avoid potential sickness or health issues, choose a sustainable flooring option like tile.


Tile is created from a variety of natural materials like clay, stone, sand, feldspar, and water. These different elements incorporated in tile flooring bring benefits along with it. Tile can resist decades of heavy traffic, scratches, stains, water, and even fire. The natural elements in tile prove to be excellent options for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, foyers, and basements. Unlike other flooring options, tile handles moisture well, thus making it an excellent choice for moisture-prone areas. There will be no need to worry about moldy or damp carpet!


Due to the materials used to create tile, many unique options are available. Typically, no two types of tile look the same. There are unlimited amounts of styles, colors, patterns, and more. You can be sure that your tile will never go out of style. American Olean has vast quantities of unique tile for you to choose from to create your dream space.

For more information on American Olean Tile, visit us at Edward’s Carpet online here. We carry a variety of brands, including American Olean! If you would like to chat with someone about our options, visit one of our five stores located in Ellisville, Des Peres, Creve Coeur, South County, and St. Charles. As a result, you will leave happy knowing you found the right tile for you!