American Olean Tile: Beauty and Dignity

American Olean

When you are making plans to install new tile in your home or business, there are several determining factors regarding which manufacturer you will choose to purchase the tile from. Of course you want to find a product that is visually appealing, and it is a given that you will be searching for high quality items at a reasonable price. Another company attribute that many customers are now looking for is the standard of ethics by which a business is run, and the ability to know that your products were manufactured without a hint of injustice or oppression. American Olean provides just that.

For far too long, factory owners in various regions of the world have grown their businesses on the backs of child labor and slave wages; taking advantage of the poor and desperate to make themselves wealthy. Such practices have become repulsive to buyers and their surging response is to direct purchases towards companies like American Olean that firmly believe in the rights of humanity, and the dignity of every individual.

American Olean has been creating beautiful, high quality tile and flooring for over 70 years, and they know that the quality of human life is even more important than the products they manufacture. They strictly refuse to do business with suppliers that use child labor/forced labor, or that practice or permit coercion, harassment and discrimination.  American Olean is diligent to meet health and safety standards for the good of their employees, and they expect their suppliers to do the same as well.

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