Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring Benefits

3 Appealing Characteristics of Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl planking is one of the most popular alternatives to hardwood floors, thanks mainly to its lower price point. Yet a well-produced vinyl floor offers far more than just being financially appealing. This article takes a closer look at one of the highest quality vinyl floorings on the market today. Floorte luxury vinyl flooring by Shaw and three of its excellent benefits.

1. Authentic Appearance

Most brands of vinyl flooring have one glaring drawback: no matter how much they are meant to look like natural substances, they always come out resembling vinyl. Shaw has developed a unique solution to this problem, using high-definition printing to create their Floorte vinyl planks.

This printing technique allows Floorte to mimic an array of different woods types convincingly. Not only that, but Floorte vinyl can also recreate other natural materials such as stone, tile, and concrete, meaning it can easily integrate with almost any home decorating scheme.

2. Waterproof

Floorte vinyl flooring has another massive advantage over real wood flooring. They are entirely waterproof. Even after weeks of water exposure, Floorte remains able to resist the warping, expansion, and other structural problems. As a result, Shaw’s vinyl tiles can be safely installed in mudrooms, bathrooms, and basements where wood floors would never survive.

3. Multiple Product Levels

Shaw understands that not all floors face the same amount of wear and tear. That’s why their Floorte line comes in three distinct product levels: Bella and Large Plank, Casa, and Mantua Plant. All of these products contain a wear layer meant to protect the appearance of the plank. The three products differ mainly in terms of the thickness of the wear layer.

For instance, Bella and Largo Planks offer the most wear resistance, with a 20 mil layer topped off with ArmourBead protectant. Casa provides a 12 mil wear layer, making it a great all-around choice. Meanwhile, Mantua Plank comes with an eight mil wear layer, which is more than sufficient to protect low traffic floors in your home.

For more information on what type of appealing Floorte vinyl flooring would fit best in your home, contact the flooring pros at Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers.