Armstrong Hardwood Floors: Beautiful, Durable, Sustainable.

Armstrong Hardwood Floors

Choose Armstrong Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Whether you are replacing your flooring in just one room or building a whole new house, you want to know that your new floors will last a lifetime. Hardwood is an excellent choice for beauty, durability, and sustainability. When you choose Armstrong Hardwood Floors, you will have all three — plus a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind for years to come.

Hardwood for Beauty 

Hardwood adds a beautiful touch to any room, and can go with just about any decor. Choose a dark, stately hickory for formal dining rooms or elegant living rooms, or go with playful oak in your family room or any area that you want to lighten up. The bright reds and interesting grains of cherry add a lively touch to your home, or you can choose muted gray finishes for a look of modern sophistication. Whatever your style, Armstrong is sure to have something perfect.

Hardwood for Durability 

Hardwood is one of the most durable flooring types on the market. Solid hardwood is excellent for low-moisture areas, and for homeowners who want the option to refinish several times throughout the life of their flooring. Engineered flooring is better for homes that experience more fluctuation in temperature and humidity, because their sturdy structure prevents the moisture-related warping that can affect solid hardwood.

Hardwood for Sustainability

There are only a few natural and environmentally friendly flooring options on the market, and hardwood is one of the most sustainable of these. After installation, hardwood can last for decades, leaving plenty of time for new trees to replace the ones that were harvested for your floor. Armstrong also offers Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified products, and all of their engineered flooring is low-VOC, which is better for the health of both your family and our planet.

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