Armstrong Hardwood – One of America’s Most Trusted Brands

Armstrong Hardwood

When homeowners shop for quality flooring for their home, they know that Armstrong is one of the most trusted flooring manufacturers in North America. That’s because Armstrong consistently offers a wide variety of flooring options for the home that not only look beautiful, but also provide the quality and durability features that are so essential to withstand all the traffic in today’s busy households. When homeowners purchase an Armstrong product, they know their selection is backed by the solid reputation Armstrong earned over many decades in the flooring industry, especially when they purchase Armstrong hardwood flooring.

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

One of the flooring options that Armstrong delivers to homes throughout America is their coveted hardwood flooring. Nothing says quality, durability and stunning beauty like hardwood flooring. Armstrong offers both wide plank engineered wood, along with solid wood, available in both 2 1/4″ or 3 1/4″ sizes. Homeowners have a plethora of styles to select from including rustic, contemporary and everything in between. Armstrong also offers a variety of finishes ranging from hand scraped to smooth, allowing homeowners to add just the right touch of ambiance they are looking for when selecting a new hardwood floor.

Make a Statement with Flooring

With the rich finishes and beautiful styles available through Armstrong, homeowners often zero in on key areas of the home in order to make a grand statement with their hardwood flooring. Foyers and living rooms are excellent choices for hardwood, allowing homeowners to “wow” guests, while still providing a durable flooring choice for areas that typically receive heavy foot and pet traffic. Hardwood flooring is also a great choice for dining rooms and hallways that are often a part of the main hub of the home as found in the very popular open floor design layout. In addition, many people now want their bedrooms to have the elegance of hardwood floors, a place where they can retreat and relax after a long day. Hardwood flooring in these areas is the perfect choice to satisfy that luxurious feeling that homeowners crave.

Anywhere where homeowners want to enjoy beautiful flooring is a great choice for Armstrong hardwood floors. If you would like more information on Armstrong’s expansive hardwood flooring line, pleaseĀ contact us!