Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Excels in Flooring

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Excels in Flooring

Beautifying your home is a fun process. Whether you decide to buy flooring and install it yourself or have our trained professionals do it for you, the quality materials will speak for themselves. Armstrong Luxury Vinyl has the look of wood with the advantage of being waterproof. It is quick to install and will transform your space in just a few hours. Here is why Armstrong excels in flooring.

Excels in Aesthetics

When you are in the showroom comparing flooring options Armstrong Luxury Vinyl stands out. Its beautiful finish mimics that of wood, tile, and even stone flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring allows you to have the look you want without the cold feel of tile or stone underfoot.

Excels in Durability

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Flooring is suitable for high traffic areas. Its durable finish can withstand high foot traffic. Wear and tear from active kids and pets won’t make a dent. The flooring is composed of three distinct layers. The wear layer through which the pattern is displayed takes the brunt of the impact. Shoes, chairs, furniture, pet nails, and the scratchy underside of rugs will be contacting this primary surface layer. Luxury Vinyl Flooring has a wear layer on top of the printed design layer.

This added protection creates lasting durability for your chosen design. Vinyl composite tile does not have this extra wear layer. The image layer lies beneath this extra wear layer. Under the image layer a resilient core and a backing layer complete the luxury vinyl tile. The resilient core layer will have a sound impact rating which will increase with the thickness of the vinyl flooring.

Water Resistance

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof. It will not swell, buckle, or warp due to water damage. When properly installed it will not have gaps between the tiles. It is a perfect flooring choice for kitchen and bath areas. Instead of wood flooring, install Armstrong Luxury Vinyl in areas that are subject to foot traffic from swimming pools. Drenched guests running to the restroom won’t cause any problems on a luxury vinyl floor.

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