Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Luxe Plank™ Floors


The Look You Want With the Easy Care Qualities You Need With Armstrong

Everyone loves the look of a beautiful hardwood floor. But the effort it takes to keep a hardwood floor looking beautiful? Not so much! Thanks to the innovators at Armstrong Flooring, you can recreate the look of hardwood — right down to the intricate grain patterns — with their Luxe Plank™ vinyl plank flooring. Luxe Plank™ manages to capture the exquisite beauty of hardwood floors in incredibly realistic detail, while offering the easy care qualities of vinyl flooring. It’s the best of both worlds, especially for hard-working, spill and splash-prone rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, and entry halls.

One look at the many benefits of Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Floors, and you’ll probably wonder why you haven’t thought of it as an option before now.

Grain Patterns and Colors

If you thought it wasn’t possible for a vinyl plank floor to do more than mimic a generic-looking wood grain pattern, it’s time to reconsider. That’s because Armstrong’s Luxe Plank™ expertly recreates the look of a variety of hardwoods like aged oak or walnut, domestic maple or pine, and even some of the more exotic wood floor varieties such as Jatobá and fruitwood. It’s even available in authentic lengths and widths, just like real hardwood. In fact, Armstrong considered every detail when they created their Luxe Plank™ patterns, right down to beveled edges and ends to enhance the realistic look and feel of this easy-care floor.

Easy Installation

It’s so easy to install a Luxe Plank™ luxury vinyl floor that a DIYer can with almost no experience can install it in as little as an afternoon! Grab a utility knife and you’re ready to go! It installs easily over pretty much any surface you can think of from concrete or wood to an existing vinyl or tile floor. That’s because the planks stick together and “float” over the top of your old floor. How clever is that?

Easy Care

When it comes to caring for your Armstrong Luxe Plank™ floor, it’s about as simple as it gets — a little mild detergent, some water and a damp mop are all you need to keep it looking great!

Tough, Durable and Waterproof

Install it anywhere you want without having to worry about spills, wet shoes, or stains. Plus, it resists scratches and wear, eliminating any worries you’d have with a traditional hardwood floor.

See a sample of Armstrong’s Luxe Plank™ at Edwards Carpet and Flooring Centers in St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Contact us today to find the location nearest you and buy your Armstrong Luxe™ Plank flooring from a family owned company with a highly trained staff that’s been serving the area for more than 80 years!