Why You Should Choose Atlas Concorde Tile Flooring

Atlas Concorde Tile Flooring

Atlas Concorde Tile Flooring For Your Home

The beauty of stone and wood come to life in the tile that Atlas Concorde produces. The porcelain tile flooring is so beautiful, you will forget it is not actually the wood and stone it resembles. This is due to the great amount of attention to detail the company puts into their product.

Why Choose Tile?

Tile is a surface that is easily cleaned, and lovely in its own right. You can also have the tile and grout sealed to keep the floor more beautiful longer, and the tile goes very well over radiant floor heating pads. This gives you all the benefits of the tile floor while preventing the floor from being cold to walk on when the weather is cool. All this and you have such unique stone and wood styles to choose from.

Stone Options

Do you want marble stone tile in your bathroom, without the water stains the soft stone shows so badly? This is your perfect answer. Many of the stone looks that are popular today are in soft stones like marble and limestone. These stones are gorgeous, but they are soft and easily discolor and wear. Your porcelain tiles mimic the style of these stones while bringing the durability that the stone does not have. Tile is so easy to work with. Not only that, but you can have just the perfect match to your stone look with tile, and there is no waste. When the stone cutter cuts the stone into tiles, there are pieces that are odd sized and shaped that get discarded and wasted.

Wood Options

There is nothing as stunning as wood floors in a bathroom, until the water starts making its mark on them. You can have all the look and texture of the wood floor, with all the water resistance of tile. The wood flooring tiles are long, just like the planks the wood comes in. So the pattern is the same, making your floor even more beautiful. Every pattern and shade of wood you want for your floor, you can have in tile.

Why Choose Atlas Concorde Tile Flooring?

The attention to detail that Atlas Concorde brings to these finishes is amazing. They not only capture the style of the materials they recreate, but they capture the texture as well. Many of the styles of polished stone even have fossil marks that are so real you cannot tell the difference. These tiles are truly works of art, available to you to bring elegance and charm to your daily life.

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers, we believe you deserve a good selection of high quality flooring options to choose from. This is why we offer you all of the attractive options of Atlas Concorde tile flooring. We invite you to visit any of our five locations or contact us for more information.