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Atlas Concorde Tile

When it comes to renovation projects or new construction, one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make, centers around selecting the right flooring. No other surface is subjected to as much dirt, moisture, and overall wear and tear as the flooring materials found throughout a home. This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to not just match the right flooring material to the function of the area being covered, but also to select a flooring manufacturer that is a leader in manufacturing quality materials. There is no other flooring type on the market as durable and versatile than tile flooring. Read on to discover why Atlas Concorde tile is the best choice for your next flooring project.

A Quality Reputation

Atlas Concorde is one of the top companies known throughout the flooring community for providing outstanding contributions to the world of ceramic tiles. While standing firm on its Italian roots of selecting only the best raw materials in order to create its beautiful line of ceramic flooring tiles, Atlas Concorde has built a solid reputation for itself throughout the ceramic industry. Of course, retailers who want to offer only the best flooring materials to their clients, appreciate Atlas Concorde tile and the attention to detail in creating tiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer outstanding technical performance.

The Right Choice For Your Home

When deciding which flooring material to use in a particular section of the home, it is important to consider the main function of the area. Certain areas such as laundry rooms, foyers, bathrooms, and kitchens tend to receive higher than average amounts of foot traffic and are routinely subjected to elements of significant moisture as well. Atlas Concorde tile is an excellent choice for all of these areas because it can provide the durable, long-lasting features that homeowners are looking for when selecting quality flooring materials. Ceramic tile is a great choice for basements as well, due to tile’s ability to endure any moisture issues over the life of the home.

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