Beautiful and Waterproof Floorte Flooring

Beautiful and Waterproof Floorte Flooring

Making high moisture areas, like basements, mudrooms, and bathrooms, look great can be tough. Hardwood and tile can warp or wear more quickly in these areas, and not all vinyl floors like as good as you were hoping. Floorte has a solution to this problem, and the luxury vinyl flooring is not only beautiful but also waterproof.

Easy Installation

Floorte’s FOLD N GO locking system means that it is precision engineered for easy installation. Who knew looking this good could be so easy?

High-Definition Printing

Floorte vinyl floors are made from high-definition printing, resulting in an incredibly realistic hardwood or tile look. With Floorte vinyl flooring, you can get the look you want without sacrificing durability. There is a variety of wood looks to choose from, and each feature high-definition prints of whatever pattern you might choose, from sawn face, painted or wire brushed visuals, and longer planks.

Flexible and Strong

The durability, flexibility, and strength of Floorte floors mean that you can easily conceal any imperfections in the sub-floor without any additional labor. Floorte is the perfect option for high moisture areas both above ground and below.

Low Maintenance

Floorte floors are waterproof and easy to maintain. Unlike with wood, you don’t have to worry about polishing and sealing them.

Proven Performance

Our hard surface experts love Floorte flooring. Drew Hash, director of hard surfaces, has been “…amazed at Floorte’s waterproof characteristics even after weeks and weeks…” Natalie Cady, director of hard surface marketing, raves about the ability to get the look of wood without much maintenance in “…a product that hides imperfections in sub-floors and an easy click system.” She adds, “The fact that it’s waterproof is just icing on the cake.”

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Floorte has two levels of product on offer: Premio and Classico. The Premio line is a 20 mil product, while the Classico line features 12 mil thickness with ArmourBead protectant on its surface. Both styles come in several different finishes, meaning you can customize your space to your heart’s desire.

To learn more about our experts’ opinions on Floorte flooring or to schedule a consultation, call us at Edwards Carpet today.