A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Bruce Hardwood Floors

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Bruce Hardwood Floors

One type of flooring that’s outlasted all the rest is tried-and-true hardwood. Hardwood floors provide a style that stands the test of time and their strength lasts longer than any other type of flooring. Bruce Flooring has been providing quality hardwood floors to homeowners for over a century and their selection is like no other. Lets take a look:


With hardwood flooring, you’re after craftsmanship, smoothness, and durability. Bruce hardwood floors focus on quality over quantity. Stain colors are guaranteed to be consistent through every cycle on the production line. Their milling process produces perfectly straight, flat boards that fit closer together than other brands. Each style offered is thoroughly inspected with 75 checkpoints to guarantee you’re receiving the highest quality craftsmanship available.


Hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be a boring decision – have fun with it! Bruce hardwood floors come in four different styles: Rustics, Hand-Scraped, American Exotics, and Traditional Hardwoods. You can get the look you want without sacrificing quality and durability. Each available style will complement the style of your home, from farmhouse to modern. They have something for everyone.


When you choose a Bruce hardwood floor, you’re choosing a floor that could outlive you. Their high quality stems from the trees themselves; Bruce hardwood floors are made using trees from the Appalachian Mountains. These are strong, sturdy trees with fewer knots and flaws than other brands. This means you’ll have a smoother surface, which is easier to clean and take care of, and will give you the longevity you’re looking for.

In order to give your home the best value possible, you need to choose the highest quality materials possible. While there are many different options for flooring, the most timeless and classic option is hardwood. Hardwood flooring provides your home with a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the best option for that is a Bruce hardwood floor. Contact us today so we can get your home outfitted with a Bruce hardwood floor.