The Benefits of Bruce Hardwood Floors are Clear

Bruce Hardwood

Why You Need Bruce Hardwood Floors

Typically, when you think of a basement’s design, you can picture the “man cave,” the home theater, the extra bedroom, or even the unfinished storage space. When the word “basement” runs through your brain, it can take on so many meanings due to its versatility — making it one of the most utilized rooms in some cases.

Now, think of what it means to have basement flooring. In most cases, the first thing that you’ll think about is the room’s proximity to the ground below. With limited windows in a basement area, flooring can make or break a warm welcome into the space. So, how do you pair toughness with elegance? Along with that, how can a floor avoid warping or cracking when it comes to the earth’s moisture?

Here’s Where Engineering Comes In 

Brilliant minds have thought this problem through, noticing the vinyl flooring of the 80s, the dark shag carpets of the 70s, and knowing that there was a better solution for the 21st century. Not only focused on the look of flooring, but knowing full well the history of basements and the law of gravity (water will fill the bottom level of a home the fastest), Bruce Hardwood Floor engineers came up with a design that suited the tastes of even the pickiest homeowners: Floors that strengthened real wood flooring with the power of engineered protection.

Constructed with layers of real wood, homeowners get to experience the lines of wood that simply can’t be replicated. At the same time, Bruce Hardwood Flooring eliminates the worry of warping and water damage.

Not only does Bruce Hardwood Floors work with basements, but they can also be used for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and just about anywhere in the house. Don’t sacrifice the look of real wood simply because of practicality — enjoy the benefits that you and your home deserve. Contact Edwards Carpet today!