Benefits of Dream Weaver Carpet

Benefits of Dream Weaver Carpet

When deciding the style of your home, it is important to know what you like. Flooring is an important factor in creating your home aesthetic. Most people decide between carpet, vinyl, or hardwood floors. If you decide to use carpeting for flooring, you need to consider the benefits of each brand. At Edwards Carpet, Dream Weaver is one of our top brands offered. Here are three reasons why Dream Weaver is the carpet of our choice for homes.


Whether you are living on your own, have a family, pets, or frequent visitors, you will want a carpet that can keep up. Accidents, spills, foot traffic and more can ruin the carpet. Dream Weaver uses innovative technology to create durable carpeting that withstands daily life. It contains specific fibers that resist wear and tear, sunlight, stains, and spot cleaning. If you damage your carpet any point after installation, Dream Weaver offers lifetime warranties against a variety of stains and accidents. Its durability is one of our main reasons why we suggest Dream Weaver to our customers.


Flooring is an expensive project to complete for any house, big or small. Depending on your square footage, you must be mindful of your budget. Some carpeting prices vary between $1 to $2.50 per square foot. This gap in prices can quickly become expensive. Floor Critics took it upon themselves to review different carpeting prices to find great options. They found that Dream Weaver carpet is affordable and competitively priced, which means it is budget-friendly. As a result, this brand is a popular carpeting option.


No one wants to have limited options when designing a new space. Dream Weaver carpet provides clients a variety of options. All Dream Weaver carpeting features PureColor® solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber. The four popular collections from Dream Weaver include PureColor Polyester, Pure Color Soft Polyester, Pure Color Nylon, and Pure Color Soft Solution Nylon. The variety of colors within the collections will complement your home and aesthetic. Therefore, providing you all the options you need.

In conclusion, Dream Weaver is the best option for durable, affordable, and optional carpeting. At Edwards Carpet and Flooring we offer Dream Weaver products. As a result, we promise you’ll find the flooring of your dreams. If you are interested in more information, visit our website here or call us at one of our five locations in the St. Louis area. Don’t waste time with carpet that won’t last, enhance your home with Dream Weaver!