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Some people find a legendary baseball team in their personal ‘field of dreams’, while others become enthralled by less astonishing, but still wonderful, discoveries. Checking out new wood stains in direct sunlight is standard. Colors tend to change in different kinds of light, and wood flooring in the home is exposed to sunlight at various times of day. It is important that we be aware of how products look and perform in these varying conditions of light. On a hot and sunny afternoon in May, two MaxWoods colleagues brought a dozen or so new samples to a field not far from the hardwood mill in Tennessee. The field was drenched in direct sunlight as well as the shade of large trees.

The two were bullish about these new products, having seen them earlier in the product development stage, but they weren’t prepared for what they were about to see. Something had been done which gave every one of those samples a unique, distinctly exotic, aspect. In both environments, shade and sun, they exuded superior texture, more so than the hardwoods they had been working with for years. The two knew they were on to something special.

Later, in discussion with the product development team, they learned that on a hunch, they had tried a new finishing method, one which subdued excessive grain patterning while enriching surface texture. The reason for the giddy reaction out in that field was confirmed; they had gotten a glimpse of the future.

With the experience fresh in mind, these unique new products were named the Field of Dreams Collection. Engineered of American White Oak, New England Maple and Northern Hickory, the Collection features monumental size planks, 7.5″ Wide and up to 8′ in length. Each plank is balanced using the same specification of wood for both its top and bottom layer. A unique and superior method of crafting floors, balancing imparts extraordinary strength and dimensional stability. Hands down, these classic planks are the premium flooring products in the hardwood sector. Each is backed by MaxWoods’ Limited Lifetime Performance Warranty.

Make it stand out.