Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce Flooring

Edward’s Carpet and Flooring seeks to provide the best materials for our customers. That’s why we carry Bruce Hardwood floors because they’re simply the best. Here’s why.

High-Quality Supplies

Once upon a time, the materials were trees. They sunk their roots deep in American soil, bathed in spring showers, grew strong in the summer, and slept through long winters. After they have grown to perfection, they are carefully milled by the men and women at Bruce Hardwood. Bruce hardwood chooses only the best wood to create their hardwood from, which is why we love them! You can rest easy knowing your flooring is unique and authentic.

Elegant Design

Bruce Hardwood floors are in stock and waiting to become the center of your home. Whether you just moved in, finally getting to that remodel, or putting the finishing touches on your home, now it is a great time. Bruce has over five different trees their wood originates from that make each design totally unique. In addition, looks range from traditional, distressed, and hand-scraped wood. Bruce makes sure to provide options in almost every color to meet your style and look!


Edward’s Carpet and Flooring has been in the business of making the floors in your home beautiful and durable since 1939. We are proud of our history and that makes us very pleased to offer the finest handiwork from one of the oldest hardwood flooring companies. Bruce hardwood floors have been gracing the interiors of your homes with the high-quality of wood since 1884. Our expert staff at Edward’s will be delighted to help you pick just the right Bruce flooring for you. Join us in celebrating American craftsmanship by making Bruce your choice for the next project.

For more information on all of the flooring brands we carry, visit Edward’s carpet online here. You can also pop into one of of four stores in Ellisville, Creve Couer, Des Peres, and St. Charles! Find the best quality flooring with us today.