Installing Carpet Flooring? Read This First

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Carpet Flooring: When To Install, And When To Steer Clear

So you think you’ve decided on carpet flooring, but you’re just not sure? Maybe you’re switching from another medium, but still have some questions.  The best way to decide is to look at a few of the pros and cons of carpet.

The “pros” are usually the deciding factor in choosing or switching to carpet in the first place.  It’s softness is an absolute pleasure to walk on.  It’s much warmer to the touch than hardwood, vinyl or laminate flooring, especially in the winter.  And there is so much flexibility: you can choose styling such as a thick shag or short and simple, colors  that make matching any room’s decor a breeze, and there are many varieties of textures from which to choose.

You might choose carpet if you have toddlers or young children in the home.  It makes their floor time much more safe and pleasurable during play.

The cons are much less often thought of, as the pros sometimes steal the show. However, it’s definitely worth looking into, as making the wrong choice could turn out to be an expensive venture.

Stains are a big show stopper for carpet, especially if you’ve chosen white or light coloring.  Seams are inevitable; while you can have wall to wall carpeting in any given room, there will be seams between that have to be dealt with.  Finally, carpet shows far more wear than hard surfaces, especially in high traffic areas.

You might choose to veer away from carpet if you have house pets or several areas that are extremely high traffic.

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