Why Choose Nouveax Engineered Vinyl Plank

When it comes to home renovations, there are many flooring options available today from hardwood to tile, and laminate to vinyl. While many of us love the look of hardwood and stone, finishing an [...]

Why Every Home Needs Knoa’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is becoming one of the hottest flooring trends in years and for good reason. Vinyl flooring offers both the moisture resistance qualities of traditional vinyl flooring, along with [...]

Congoleum Vinyl: Luxury Flooring at a Fraction of the Cost!

Long gone are the days of cheap looking vinyl floors. The U.S.A. made flooring option has opened doors for homeowners to have the look of luxury flooring for a fraction of the cost. Vinyl floors [...]

Tarkett Vinyl Flooring – It’s Not Your Mother’s Vinyl Floors

A lot has changed in recent years with regard to flooring options and the new vinyl flooring choices offer some amazing, yet practical new features. If you think your only options to enjoy [...]

The Benefits of Choosing Armstrong Luxury Vinyl

Choosing the right flooring for your home project requires a clear understanding of your options based on the space and its usage. One flooring option is vinyl, but when should you choose a [...]

Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl Click Collection Adds Beauty To Any Home

Timeless Designs luxury vinyl click collection gives your floors the look of wood with lower costs and easy maintenance. Edwards Carpet offers this entire collection of elegant vinyl flooring in [...]

Why Coretec Luxury Vinyl is Ideal for Your Home

Picking a new floor for your home is a very big decision. While there are many different options to choose from, one option that can provide you with many unique benefits is Coretec luxury vinyl [...]

Floorte Luxury Vinyl: A Great Alternative to Hardwood

Many homeowners dream of having hardwood floors but fear the maintenance involved. Hardwood floors scratch easily and don’t do well in environments that have lots of moisture. On top of [...]

Nouveax Luxury Vinyl flooring for Your Home

Have you have been considering Nouveax Luxury Vinyl flooring for some time? Maybe you have never heard of the brand before or don’t know what it has to offer. Regardless of current stance, [...]

5 Reasons Congoleum Vinyl Flooring is the Flooring For You

There are so many questions to ask when choosing flooring for your home. Does it look great? Does it express the aesthetic of your home? Will it hold up to wear and tear? Will it make your home a [...]

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