Why Choose Carpeting For Your Home?


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Carpeting For Your Home

Trying to decide on a flooring? Nothing is worse than feeling uneducated about a big purchase. In order to help with your decision, here are the pros and cons of carpeting.


1. Carpet is soft! Isn’t that why we all love it? If you have kids, carpet is a perfect place for them to do all the rough and tumble acrobatics they love to do (like handstands, and somersaults, and log rolls).

2. Carpet is warm. There is nothing worse than waking up on a winter morning with your feet touching cold tile. Yikes! Carpet always feels warm and invokes a cozy atmosphere in any room.

3. Carpet can be both casual and formal. Interior design has always favored carpet flooring, and if you’re looking for a casual place to hang out or a sitting room to entertain your guest, carpet can do both!

4. There are an abundance of color choices for carpeting. Why not make carpet the style statement of the room?

5. Carpeting comes in many textures and styles. Going for the Boho look of the 1970s? Try a long shag carpet. Looking for something more modern? Try short, durable carpeting.


1. Stains are a bane to carpet. There is nothing worse than dabbing at the floor when someone spills their lemonade or their coffee. Truth be told, carpet is not an easy clean.

2. Carpet must have seams. These seams are the areas of most wear over time. Carpeting is not as perennial as other flooring.

3. Carpeting shows its age faster than other flooring. If you carpet a place of high foot traffic, then your carpet will eventually show signs of wear. It is just a natural part of carpet flooring.


We hope we helped you narrow down the field of flooring! Feel free to contact us for more information!