Choose Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is the first choice for most people when it comes to investing in new flooring. Investing is a key word for the flooring industry because it is one aspect of your home that takes the brunt of wear and tear, and you want a product that’s going to stand up to that abuse for a long time to come. That’s the reason Shaw hardwood flooring has been such a widely respected name in the flooring industry since 1946. They create unmatched style and quality in each of their products, and they are all designed with durability as a primary feature.

Timeless Beauty

Shaw hardwood flooring adds a timeless sophistication and elegance to any space. Their rich tones, natural grains, and gorgeous imperfections come together to add depth and definition to your room.


Shaw Industries surpasses their competitors when it comes to durability. Their hardwood finishes are protected against scratches and stains with the addition of their patented ScuffResist Platinum finish. With the added strength, these hardwoods withstand what daily living dishes out.


Shaw offers variety with their hardwood selection because they understand there are many factors to consider when choosing flooring. Aside from initially being drawn to the appearance, the environment is also a critical consideration. While aesthetics are important, it’s just as vital to make a decision based on what the function of the room will be and the maintenance required.


Maple is one of the hardest options for a flooring surface, which makes it a practical selection for high-traffic areas. The natural wood tone of maple is fairly light, allowing it to soften a space. Alternatively, it can be stained to match any style preference.


Like maple, oak offers a very hard surface. It’s also resistant to scratching, stains, and dents, which makes it highly a practical and desirable choice for heavily-used areas. It’s available in a wide selection of stains.


Pine flooring is a soft alternative. You may decide that you want to use it to highlight antique dĂ©cor, in which case you would likely prefer a darker toned old heart pine. If, on the other hand, you’re aspiring to a more refined style, the new heart pine provides a brighter finish.


The flexibility of hickory makes it a highly versatile option. Each piece of wood provides its own distinct personality, and it creates a particularly time-worn and rustic ambiance. With its hard surface, hickory is also an excellent option where there’s lots of activity.

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