Why Choose Shaw Laminate Flooring?

Shaw Laminate Flooring

Shaw is a company that is committed to not only providing excellent flooring options to their customers but also want to create a better future for their employees as well. Shaw Floors has been providing excellent floors for customers since their inception back in 1946 as a Star Dye company. By 1958 the company had dramatically expanded its business and formed to acquire the Philadelphia Carpet Company which had been previously founded in 1846. By 1971 the company was doing $43 million in annual sales. Today, the Shaw Flooring company is a Fortune-500 company selling more than $500 million of product annually and employ’s 5,000+ people.

One such type of floors offered by Shaw is Shaw laminate flooring that is of a superior quality to competitors. Some of the qualities and options that come with Shaw laminate flooring include the following:

  • Laminate floors will cost a fraction of what real wooden floors will cost, therefore making it more budget-friendly solution that expensive hardwood floors.
  • Laminate floors are a much more durable option for high-traffic areas in your home and will last longer than most other types of flooring in your home.
  • Laminate makes it easy to clean up spills and messes made by children or pets.
  • Laminate will be more resistant to problems such as scratches or dents than other types of flooring will.
  • Laminate flooring provides a similar look and texture to hardwood floors and is extremely durable as they can endure up to 1200 pounds of pressure per square inch.
  • Provides a great surface for rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and playrooms.
  • Shaw’s Floors provides anywhere between 10-to-50-year warranties on all laminate floors sold providing peace of mind that your floors will last for years to come.

For more information on having Shaw laminate flooring installed in your home pleaseĀ contact us.