Why Choose Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Benefits of Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Tarkett is a global flooring company that has 130 years of experience in the business. It is easy to see why the vinyl flooring they produce is high in quality and performance. There are a number of good reasons to choose Tarkett vinyl flooring for home.

Advances in Vinyl Flooring

When many of us think of vinyl, we think of the old-fashioned plastic looking floors that grandma had in her kitchen. It was easy to clean, but was never exactly a stylish floor. This is no longer the case with Tarkett vinyl flooring. As technology has advanced, the ability for creating beautiful stylish flooring in vinyl has come along with it. The vinyl of today is lovely, and it adds options that make flooring so much easier.

Reasons for Choosing Vinyl Flooring

It is delightfully easy to maintain, just sweep and damp mop for everyday cleaning. It will work well in wet environments, those places you really do not want wood or carpet. Wood and carpet absorb water and are not easily cleaned when you spill something wet. Kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and anywhere there are children doing crafts and art are not good places for these otherwise lovely flooring options. Vinyl is perfect for any of these places. So, next time you are looking at those pictures of spa bathrooms or new kitchens and wonder why they would put hardwood there, you will know the secret. You simply don’t have wood floors in a high moisture area, but you can have the beauty. Actually with the advances in style, vinyl makes a good choice anywhere.

Roll Vinyl Floors

This is the best option for the floor in your home that gets exposed to the rough and sometimes messy side of life. This is the floor that is most easily maintained, and is really good for children’s rooms, playrooms, craft rooms, and anywhere you need that extra easy care. This floor will wear and not tear under most household conditions, and is child and pet friendly. But these floors are not just practical, they are beautiful as well, with styles available to match any room.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

The luxury vinyl comes in tile and plank options, with so many choices that you are certain to find just the style to match any room decor. You can choose from flooring that has the look and feel of hickory, walnut, slate, or stone. The plank options actually have the texture of wood, and they even have a mix and match option to the flooring. Using wood style planks you are able to form boarders around the stone style tiles, this truly makes for a delightful floor. So whether you want the beauty of wood, stone, or both, this is a purely delightful choice.

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