Cleaning Your Shaw Hardwood Floors

Shaw Hardwood Floors

Want to know the secret to keeping your Shaw Hardwood Floors nice and clean? Here are our three simple tips, so you have long-lasting hardwood floors for years to come!


One of the best ways to keep your hardwood floors clean is frequent and routine vacuuming. Before you rush to vacuum your hardwood floor, you’ll need to check out your vacuum first. Most vacuum cleaners now days have different settings for different types of flooring. This comes in handy with hardwood flooring. If you use too high of a setting on your vacuum, you could potentially scratch and damage your flooring. Make sure to read the manual for your vacuum because it’ll say what setting to use for different flooring types. Typically, the lowest setting on your vacuum cleaner is the best for hardwood. It’s strong enough to pick up any dust, crumbs, dirt, and anything left behind, without scratching up the floors. If you are nervous about scratching your floors, you can always use the handheld nozzle. Vacuum nozzles typically come with various heads, like one with bristles. Using a bristle nozzle head is an excellent option for hardwood floors. Again, it will pick almost anything up without harming your floors.


If you do not want to risk scratches on your floor, you can resort to dusting. Many people use microfiber cloths or rags to dust their floors. Another popular option is something like a Swiffer, where you can quickly move around on your floor while picking up dust. For more of those products, click here.


One of the most frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring is, can you mop it? The answer depends on your comfortably. There are different ways to clean your floor if it requires more of a scrub. First and foremost, you do not want to immediately put a soaking wet mop on your floor and expect no damage. If you decide to mop your floors, it is recommended you find a wood safe mop and wood safe cleaner. This could be a flat-head mop, microfiber pad, or even a damp clean cloth. You will want to put a small amount of wood floor cleaner on your damp cloth and gently scrub the floor. One of the perks of dusting or vacuuming before you mop is that you will have less to clean. The tough spots will come out easier since you won’t have to fight through dust, pollen, and dander. Make sure to use a soft mist or gentle spray, rather than soaking the area. This way, you can easily clean up any sticky or wet spills without damaging your floor!

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