3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Milliken Carpet

3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Milliken Carpet

Carpet remains one of the most popular types of home flooring, thanks to its cozy and comfortable nature. Yet homeowners today often express confusion about what brand of carpet makes the best investment. This article takes a closer look at three compelling reasons to choose Milliken carpet for your home.


Milliken has long been at the forefront of carpet comfort, thanks to their revolutionary carpet backing systems. Their latest such system, Comfort Plus, provides a degree of underfoot comfort that far outstrips that of other carpet manufacturers. The recycled cushion layer consists of open cell polyurethane, known for its ability to reduce fatigue.


The Comfort Plus system also has impressive benefits when it comes to the longevity of your carpet. In fact, Comfort Plus increases the life of carpet by more than 40 percent compared to other backing systems. Milliken has such great confidence in their carpet’s wear performance that they offer a 15 year wear guarantee.

Specifically, the construction of a Milliken carpet allows it to excel in terms of compression recovery. This metric tells you how well the carpet will resist pile crush as the result of foot traffic and heavy objects. Milliken’s Comfort Plus carpet offers a compression recovery of 93 percent, meaning it will remain soft and responsive underfoot for years to come.


Consumers can be proud about selecting Milliken carpet, thanks to the company’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. To begin with, 46 percent of the energy used to manufacture Milliken carpet is renewable. Furthermore, since 1992 Milliken has sent zero waste to the landfill from their US manufacturing facilities.

The unique benefits of Milliken carpet make it an easy choice when it comes to home flooring. For more assistance in selecting the best carpet to meet your needs, please contact the St. Louis area’s flooring experts at Edwards Carpet.