Congoleum Vinyl: Luxury Flooring at a Fraction of the Cost!

Congoleum vinyl

Long gone are the days of cheap looking vinyl floors. The U.S.A. made flooring option has opened doors for homeowners to have the look of luxury flooring for a fraction of the cost. Vinyl floors are back and better! While choosing a new flooring option, homeowners look for qualities like good pricing, durability, versatility, and easy maintenance. This usually ends in compromise on which of the qualities they’d like to keep or live without.

However, what if we told you that you could have all of the above qualities when you choose Congoleum vinyl flooring? That’s right, buyers are able to stick to their budgets all while installing beautiful, luxurious looking flooring into their homes. Even better, the Congoleum vinyl flooring is a durable option for many families. Congoleum prides themselves on creating some of the most resilient flooring there is, in fact, Congoleum is known in the industry as the technology leader for resilient flooring! This flooring is made of carefully picked synthetic and natural materials that are made to last. This allows for increased strength and durability throughout the lifetime of the product. This means you don’t have to worry about replacement as the years go by, as it can hold up to years of living and play!

One of the biggest decisions in picking a flooring option is deciding on the look you want. Are you going for a warm, cabin feel with a wooden look? Maybe you’re interested in a more modern, sleek look. Or perhaps you prefer the classic look of tile. Whatever your preference is, Congoleum has options for any and every look you are hoping to accomplish. It’s versatile and offers a wide array of colors and options to choose from!

Many families take into consideration the maintenance that goes into the flooring of their choice. Not everybody has time to vacuum and shampoo their carpet every few days, and polishing a hardwood floor isn’t always easy. Congoleum vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for an easy to clean, low maintenance, flooring option. So, if you’re getting ready to make the perfect choice of flooring in your home, stop by one of Edward’s Carpet’s 5 locations in St. Louis and St. Charles counties and ask about Congoleum vinyl flooring today!