Congoleum Vinyl Floors: Not Your Grandmother’s Linoleum

Congoleum Vinyl Floors

Benefits Of Congoleum Vinyl Floors

Congoleum has been a familiar name in flooring since they began manufacturing linoleum, a product made from linseed oil and cork, in the late 1800s. The modern flooring that some people mistakenly still refer to as “linoleum” is actually resilient vinyl flooring, sometimes called luxury vinyl flooring. Two types of Congoleum vinyl floors products, Luxury Tile and Luxury Plank, have some outstanding benefits compared to wood, laminate or ceramic tile.

Congoleum’s Luxury Tile is warmer, softer and more colorful than ceramic tile. 

Luxury Tile has the look of ceramic tile but some decided advantages.  What are they? Ceramic tile is cold and unyielding. It is unpleasant on bare feet in the winter and makes the entire room feel less cozy. By contrast resilient tile is warm and inviting and because it is softer, not rock-hard like ceramic, it offers more cushion to joints and dropped dishes alike. Your body will feel less tired standing or walking on it, and your glassware will be safer from impact.  Vinyl also offers designs and colors that are not possible in ceramic tile, making decorating both more precise and more fun.

Luxury Plank is quieter and less prone to water damage than either wood or laminate plank.

Luxury Plank flooring echoes the traditional rich look of wood, much like laminate flooring. But unlike either wood or laminate, it is not easily damaged by water. Small spills and wet weather don’t have to be a worry with vinyl. It naturally resists moisture damage. Because of vinyl’s relative softness, it won’t make a ruckus when you walk across it either, and the whole house will be more peaceful.

Don’t forget Congoleum’s other resilient flooring products, Luxury Sheet Flooring and Vinyl Composition Tile. 

Luxury sheet flooring is the vinyl product most people are familiar with.  It may be what your mother had on her kitchen or bathroom floors. But modern improvements in printing and embossing give this product a current look of stone, slate or wood, at a lower cost and easier maintenance.

Vinyl Composition Tile is often seen in supermarkets and other commercial areas. It is extremely durable in areas with high foot traffic and has a classic commercial look.

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