COREtec Luxury Vinyl Floors

COREtec Luxury Vinyl Floors

What Is Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury Vinyl replicates the look and feel of natural stone, tile, and hardwood flooring. It is a popular option of flooring people turn to now because of its many benefits. Luxury Vinyl allows you to incorporate the style of natural materials, without having to actually use them. Oftentimes natural flooring materials can be tough, cold, or porous. This makes them not the most comfortable thing to walk on or have in your home. This is why people are now turning to luxury vinyl because it has the exact look of natural materials, without the feel.

Popular Locations

Luxury vinyl is a great option for many people. Popular areas for vinyl are kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, playrooms, and laundry rooms. Vinyl is found in the areas for a variety of reasons. Vinyl does not contain any grooves, which makes it easy to clean up. So areas prone to spills, messes, or water are great candidates for luxury vinyl. This is because the material allows for easy cleanup and does not leave any damage. Oftentimes other materials trap dirt, bacteria, food, and spills. As a result, this can allow mold to grow and lead to health conditions.


Luxury vinyl comes in a variety of options and designs.  Colors, styles, and pattern options make luxury vinyl an ideal flooring choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any room exposed to wear. COREtec floors are known for its variety in styles. Their styles include various colors, textures, patterns, cork and bamboo floors, and more.


COREtec is a flooring brand that has been in Edward’s Carpet stores for a long time. We choose to include them because the brand has such innovative products. They are known for their innovative, unique, and sustainable floors, which makes them a top contender in the industry. COREtec states, “We are style enthusiasts, believers in technology and seekers of simplicity. We are passionate about providing people flooring solutions that meet their design dreams and stand up to real life. We love creating an experience as beautiful as our floors.”

For more information on COREtec luxury vinyl floors, visit Edward’s Carpet online here. You can also find us at one of our four locations in St. Charles, Creve Couer, Ellisville, or Des Peres.  In other words, you will find all you need and more at our store!