Why You Should Choose Coretec Luxury Vinyl Floors

Coretec Luxury Vinyl

When it comes to floors, the style of hardwood is wonderful. We love hardwood so much, we want this look everywhere. It really is hard to beat. However, wood does not hold up well in wet environments. That is why it is understandable that the makers of hardwood floors are leading the way in creating the best luxury vinyl floors that mimic all the best features of hardwood. Coretec luxury vinyl floors are no exception. So why choose Coretec luxury vinyl floors?


This is the feature that makes this flooring perfect for any wet environment. The kitchen, laundry, mudroom, and bathrooms are all areas where water is a concern. Wood discolors and even rots in these wet environments, but the waterproof core of the luxury vinyl is perfect here.

Wear Resistant

An extra-thick clear wear layer protects the look of your new floor; this is the thickness normally reserved for commercial flooring. This gives the floor a superior stain resistance, wonderfully easy cleaning, and protection from wear in even the most active areas of your home. There is nothing as lovely as a floor that cleans up easily and stays looking great.


The multi-layer construction of Coretec luxury vinyl floors makes this an insulated warm surface that is easy on your feet all year-long. This charming feature makes this a good floor for bare-feet and children playing. When warm meets easy cleaning, children are in a good setting for being kids.

Reduces Noise 

The tapping noise you get when you walk in shoes across a tile or wood floor is not an issue with the luxury vinyl. The top of the floor is not as sharp and hard as these other flooring options, and the cork layer naturally absorbs noise as well. This adds up to a quieter room, and in this noisy hectic world we can all use a tad more quiet.


The best part of the floor is the beauty. The floor comes in planks, and installs in a similar pattern to real wood floors. The texture and style are both present in this dazzling floor. You really can enjoy the best of hardwood with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors will hold up to everything life will throw at it.

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