Why Coretec Luxury Vinyl is Ideal for Your Home

Coretec Luxury Vinyl

Picking a new floor for your home is a very big decision. While there are many different options to choose from, one option that can provide you with many unique benefits is Coretec luxury vinyl flooring. There are many benefits of Coretec luxury vinyl that should be taken into consideration when you are choosing new flooring for your home.


When you are shopping for flooring, the first thing you will notice about Coretec luxury vinyl is that it is beautiful. The luxury vinyl is very similar to hardwood floors in that it comes in planks, is installed in the same process as hardwood flooring, and looks very similar once it is installed.


Another benefit of Coretec luxury vinyl is that it is very durable. Unlike hardwood flooring, it is completely waterproof and is very resistant to scratching. This can make it a great option to be placed in a kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom where spilled water is likely to happen and can have a negative impact on hardwood floors.


Coretec luxury vinyl has the added benefit of coming insulated when it is installed. Due to the insulation, it is very warm throughout the year. This is especially ideal in the cold winter months when traditional hardwood floor can feel very cold on your feet. Furthermore, the insulation also helps to reduce noise, which is great if it is placed on a second level in your home.

If you are interested in Coretec luxury vinyl, contact us here at Edwards Carpet to learn more about the benefits it can provide.  We have five locations in the St. Louis area, including Ellisville, Des Peres, Creve Coeur, South County, and St. Charles to better serve your flooring needs. We have been providing great products and services for more than 75 years.