Debunking Myths Surrounding Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors

Things to Know about Laminate Floors: True or False

School was just let out all over the country. Let’s take a quick true or false quiz as we look at what we really know about laminate floors.

  1. AC Rating doesn’t make much difference when considering which one to buy.

Answer: False! There are 5 AC Ratings. AC Rating 1-3 is mostly for residential application while 3-5 is for commercial use, or buildings. If you have heavy foot traffic then you should consider AC3.

  1. Laminate flooring is more eco-friendly and easier to install than real hardwood floors.

Answer: True! Because of the advanced technologies that are developing every day, laminate floors are becoming a more viable option than hardwood floors. Also, laminate floor is more durable and shows less wear over the years when compared to hardwood flooring.

  1. The thicker the laminate flooring, the longer it’ll last and the better the quality.

Answer: False! Not necessarily. Some manufacturers will use cheaper materials and just layer it on to make it seem like it’s worth the thickness. Technically, if you’re buying a 10 mm thick laminate it should last longer and feel like the real thing. Luckily, at Edwards Carpet we carry some of the best laminate manufacturers, so thickness in this case is important.

  1.  When you have a professional installing your laminate floor, you don’t need to worry about the locking system.

Answer: False! The locking system of a laminate floor is just as important as anything else. It’s what locks the moisture and makes sure nothing slips under the cracks, which can then cause swelling and expansion in the lower layers of the laminate floor.

  1. Edwards Carpet is the best option when considering in buying laminate flooring.

Answer: True! With excellent manufacturers on stock, Edwards Carpet guarantees high quality products to assure you minimal stress on this great investment.

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