Design Trends: Armstrong Hardwood Floors

Design Trends Armstrong Hardwood Floors

St Louis area home design is so trendy, and popular flooring options are no different. Do you remember the thick shag carpets of 1970’s conversation pits? Or the Laminate-For-All phase of the early 2000’s? Well, through all those hot (and now horribly dated) trends Armstrong hardwood floors have been standing up to the test of time and they look amazing. When considering a new floor trends for your home hardwoods offer a unique and timeless appeal. Nothing looks quite like real hardwood, and nothing sounds like it either. We love them because hardwood floors are versatile and durable, and are quite appropriate for just about every room in your home. But beyond that, we love them because…

Armstrong Hardwood Floors are Gorgeous!

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring our customers in St. Louis and St. Charles have had enough of the Laminate-For-All fad! We know you’re ready to move up to real, honest-to-goodness BEAUTIFUL hardwood.

Hardwood Floors are an Improvement.

Whether you’re rehabbing an inherited home, renovating a flipper, or making your permanent retirement nest, hardwood floors are more valuable and will increase the value of your home.

They’re an Ideal Design Base.

The rich yet neutral colors of hardwoods make an absolutely ideal base for interior design. Warm, cinnamon tones like Acacia Rigid Core – Cinnabar become an inviting foundation for any color scheme or design style. Cooler neutrals like Alameda Oak Rigid Core – Twilight Taupe set the stage for ultra modern chic styles, black and whites, and cool blues.

Hardwood is a solid investment for high end rental properties because it’s so durable. Tenants all have their own style and hardwood is a perfect base for ever changing area rugs and design styles.

So Come in and See Why We Love Armstrong Hardwood!

The staff at Edwards Carpet & Flooring are proud to be the experts in everything flooring! Check out one of our 5 convenient St. Louis or St. Charles locations or contact us to speak with a member of our highly trained staff today! We’d love to hear about your next project.