The Dream Weaver Carpet Advantage

The Dream Weaver Carpet Advantage

Carpet flooring brings a great feeling of warmth and comfort into a room—a feeling unmatched by solid flooring. When maintained properly, carpet acts as a filter for dust and allergens, making your home cleaner and safer for everyone. Dream Weaver offers excellent, innovative carpets in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit your personal style.

Why Choose Dream Weaver Carpeting?

Dream Weaver began production in 2009, and while they are certainly a newcomer in the carpet world, they are continually innovating and providing first-class products to distributors and consumers.

PureColor Fiber

Dream Weaver’s proprietary PureColor solution-dyed nylon and polyester fiber is featured in all of their carpets. Considered one of the top carpet fibers on the market today, PureColor is far superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers. One common complaint about carpet is that it wears out quickly—not with PureColor fiber.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Deeply-rooted carpet coloring for long-lasting color.
  • Resists fading due to sunlight.
  • Resists wearing, even in high-traffic areas.
  • Avoids bleach stains, even with common household cleaners.
  • Resists staining, even from red wine and pet stains.

Lifetime Warranty

Everyone loves their pets, but accidents happen. Dream Weaver stands behind their carpets 100%. If they determine your carpet has been permanently stained—even with proper installation and care—they will repair or replace it. With this peace of mind, it is difficult to choose any other carpet.

Environmental Impact

Dream Weaver strives to keep the planet green by working as efficiently as possible. Not only do you get a well-engineered product, you also get an Earth-friendly product.

This means:

  • 30% less energy.
  • 87% less water in manufacturing.
  • 42% less greenhouse emissions.

Edwards Carpet and Flooring

Locally and family owned since 1939, we aim to provide high-quality service, products, and fast and professional installation at a great price. We are the biggest and oldest flooring company in St. Louis and St. Charles County. Whether you need new carpet for your entire house, or just a quick repair, contact us for a consultation.