Why Dream Weaver Carpet is an Excellent Choice

Dream Weaver Carpet

When it comes to building or remodeling a home, one major decision in regards to the interior design of the house is whether to opt for carpet or to choose another type of flooring. Many people choose carpet for certain rooms such as dens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other high-traffic zones as they believe it can make these areas feel more comfortable and inviting. When carpet is the final decision, the question then becomes “What brand of carpet should I invest in?” One excellent option is Dream Weaver carpet.

Dream Weaver not only provides the very best in carpet, but they have also been in business since 2009, building an impeccable reputation with consumers in multiple areas of the region. All of Dream Weaver’s products are made with PureColor solution dyed nylon or polyester. These types of materials make carpet resistant to not just stains and fading, but also other wear and tear that comes with extensive use. This type of carpet is ideal for families with children and pets, or individuals who frequently entertain in their home.

The opulent softness and comfort of Dream Weaver’s nylon or polyester carpets provide a welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere for homeowners, their families, and guests. Their products give a home a luxurious appearance, making Dream Weaver a top choice for interior designers of all types and styles whether it be for a modern home or one with more traditional accents.

Dream Weaver carpet comes complete with the PureColor warranties, which includes the Lifetime Limited Pet Stain Resistance Warranty. This gives homeowners assurance that they will not be required replace their carpet in a short amount of time for extra fees.

When selecting Edwards Carpet and Flooring Centers for carpeting needs, we offer old carpet removal and a premium eight pound pad at no extra expense to the purchaser.

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