Reasons Why Dream Weaver Carpet is Trustworthy

Reasons Why Dream Weaver Carpet is Trustworthy

Bob Shaw took the carpeting industry by storm when he founded Engineered Floors in 2009. His mission was to create the highest-quality carpet the industry had ever seen. Thus, the Dream Weaver brand was established. Dream Weaver’s carpets are some of the highest-quality products on the market. This article intends to explore why that was true a decade ago and why it remains true today. Here is why Dream Weaver is such a trustworthy brand.


Every carpet produced by Dream Weaver contains PureColor solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber. PureColor polyester is one of the most innovative fiber systems available, and it’s easy to see why.

PureColor nylon fiber is extremely durable, it offers soil protection as well as stain resistance, and it is soft enough to satisfy just about anyone. It doesn’t even matter if your pet¬†ends up ruining your product because Dream Weaver has it covered with a lifetime warranty. Also, they understand how mischievous pets can be.


A high-quality product isn’t worth much if it’s terrible for the environment. Luckily, Dream Weaver’s carpets don’t have that problem. They’re created to have as little of a negative impact on the environment as possible.

The process that results in their solution-dyed fiber polyester consumes 50% less oil than most piece-dyed nylon carpets. Dream Weaver also saves water because they don’t use it to dye their carpets.


Bob Shaw’s plan to create an incredible product worked even better than he could have hoped. Dream Weaver became one of the fastest-growing carpet mills after its conception in 2009. It’s also led to the creation of several carpet tile plants. Combine its impressive expansion with its excellent products, and it’s no wonder why the Dream Weaver brand is so trusted today.

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