Engineered Hardwood 101

Engineered Hardwood

A Homeowner’s Guide to Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is the epitome of flooring for many homeowners. The classic look and easy clean up aspects of hardwood have been praised for decades, but the care and maintenance that go into traditional hardwood are often swept under the rug. However, traditional hardwood is no longer the only option!

Today’s technology allows us to create engineered hardwood that has all the charm of traditional hardwood, without the hassle. This type of hardwood, made from a core composite wood with a thin genuine veneer top, gives homeowners options they’ve never had before.

Can I Use Hardwood There?

Essentially, engineered hardwood can be installed anywhere traditional hardwood exists. From high traffic areas to statement pieces, engineered hardwood can take the place of warped or worn hardwood anywhere in your home.

The structural integrity offered by engineered wood floors actually allows you to install hardwood where you couldn’t before. If you have ever considered hardwood for your finished basement, engineered is the way to go.

Highly Humid Homes

While hardwood is often a homeowner’s dream, in humid areas, it turns into a maintenance nightmare. Traditional hardwood is greatly affected by moisture, even the moisture that comes with muggy summer weather. Rather than struggle with warped hardwood, opt for engineered hardwood. The methods that go into engineered hardwood ensure your floors will be beautiful, and flat, even on the most humid of summer days.

If you are ready for a more durable kind of hardwood flooring in your home, contact us to get the job done right.