Transform Your Floors With Floorte Luxury Vinyl

Transform Your Floors With Floorte Luxury Vinyl

Sometimes the best way to give the inside of your home a facelift is to replace your old, dull flooring. It makes everything look crisp and fresh again. It can provide a real transformation. One of the most daunting (and fun) tasks that come along with it is deciding which type of flooring to go with. While they each have their own benefits and appeal, vinyl flooring stands out for many reasons. In a world where hardwood flooring has such a high appeal, vinyl has made high advances to keep up with its competition. When it comes to such options, Floorte luxury vinyl is definitely the way to go.


It has the look of wood without the work or price. The hardwood grain is printed onto the vinyl using high definition technology. It looks incredibly real when compared to actual wood. Because it is vinyl, though, it is much more budget-friendly. It is available in a variety of colors and grains to choose from. Floorte provides two tiers of vinyl flooring – Classico and Premio. Both versions offer longer planks, designed to provide a more realistic design. The planks snap together, providing visual seams with protection underneath.


Floorte flooring is incredibly durable. Not only does it hide the imperfections that are underneath your floor, but it also stands up against the wear and tear that the surface will be put through. The locking system it has when being put together makes it flexible, which helps a lot with durability. It is even waterproof, adding another aspect of protection. The Premio style has stands up to water better than the Classico version, but both are outstanding. After weeks of intense testing, people were amazed at how well this flooring stood up to it all.

Luxury flooring can be had without breaking your bank. Contact us today to discuss all of your flooring needs. We are here to help you achieve the interior of your dreams. Serving the community for nearly 80 years, we are eager to lend our experience to you.