Your Home Deserves Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why You Should Choose Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Floorte is the name for the luxury vinyl flooring made by Shaw Floors, and they named it this because high quality flooring is their forte’. The luxury vinyl line that Shaw makes is everything you could want in a vinyl floor.

Why Vinyl?

Because wood and stone have drawbacks in places that vinyl does not, but everyone loves the look of wood and stone. Ever dropped a glass on a stone tile floor? It is not a pretty sight, shattered glass everywhere. Ever see wood after its exposed to a high moisture environment over time? It gets washed out looking, and starts to rot. But we want the stone and wood floors in our bathrooms and kitchens, these are beautiful looks. The glass you drop on the stone styled vinyl floor might still break, but it won’t shatter like it would on the stone floor. That spa bathroom will look all the better with the wood plank style vinyl floor, that is impervious to the water that splashes, drips, and sometimes gets forgotten there. You can have all the beauty and none of the problems of these floors.

Benefits of Plank Style Flooring

Real wood goes down in planks. Your vinyl will also go down in planks, making your floor resemble the real thing even more. This is not just something printed on a smooth sheet where the pattern will repeat and catch your eye. It looks like wood. Best yet, it is waterproof. It will not fade, spot, or rot when it gets and stays wet. You can have this in rooms that do not get babied. These are for rooms you live in. Do you have any room in your home that you don’t live it? Consider all the beauty of hardwood and all the benefits of an easily cleaned waterproof floor.

Why Floorte?

Shaw takes extra care in the manufacturing of their Floorte luxury vinyl flooring. The styles are gorgeous with attention to detail that make them seem real. Shaw makes the floor in layers, with a thick pad-like layer on the bottom that conceals imperfections in the sub-floor beneath. The top layer is a wear layer, that protects the floor from spills that would stain and from the wear of normal life. There are three wear layer thicknesses to choose from, giving you options for tougher floors in your high traffic areas, such as your kitchen or mudroom. Not only that but the wear layer is stain resistant. So if someone spills red punch on your floor, it is not going to stain. You will still want to get that up, it is usually sticky. These are floors you can live life on, and you won’t have to worry about every little thing that spills.

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers, we believe you deserve the best options in flooring. That is why we carry Floorte Luxury Vinyl flooring. For more information come by any of our five convenient locations or contact us today.