Why Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Perfect for Any Home

Floorte Luxury Vinyl

Everything you Need to Know About Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Shaw is well-known for producing quality flooring for over 40 years, and Floorte luxury vinyl floors are no exception. They have put their expertise to work producing vinyl flooring options that are both beautiful and easy to clean. Floorte comes in styles that look so much like hardwood, you can barely tell the difference.  Shaw uses high-definition printing to create a look that looks highly authentic. The flooring goes down in planks, adding a natural feeling that you would get from authentic hardwood floors.

Real hardwood floors are great, but they do not stand the test of time in areas that tend to get wet. In these areas, wood tends to mildew, rot and loose its appeal after a while. The Floorte vinyl is waterproof, and made for these exact type of environments. Not only will they stay looking great in wet areas, but they will match any real hardwood you may have in the rest of the house due to their authentic look.

Shaw’s Floorte vinyl comes in beautiful wood looks featuring realistic sawn-face, painting, or wire brushed visuals. There are three levels of wear protection, so you can choose a higher level of protection in your high traffic areas. Whether you want a floor that is rustic, finely finished, or anything in between, you can find it here.

Another great selling point of Floorte luxury vinyl is the easy cleaning and care of the floors. Just sweep and damp mop for most clean-ups. For tougher cleaning, there is a simple spray and dry mop cleaner that Shaw recommends. You do not need to handle any harsh chemicals to keep these floors clean, making them easier for you and safer for pets and children.

These floors have so many advantages, you might even consider putting them throughout your entire house. To learn more about the beauty and easy care of these beautiful floors, come visit us at any of our five showrooms, or contact us. We look forward to helping you choose just the right floor to make your home perfect.