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Floorte Luxury Vinyl: A Great Alternative to Hardwood

Floorte Luxury Vinyl

Many homeowners dream of having hardwood floors but fear the maintenance involved. Hardwood floors scratch easily and don’t do well in environments that have lots of moisture. On top of this, they can be quite difficult to install. Luckily, Floorte luxury vinyl gives the same look of hardwood flooring without the difficulty involved.

Floorte prides itself on looking very much like real hardwood floors. Special printing techniques and wire brushing are employed to ensure the replication of the top species and colors of hardwood floors, creating an authentic look. The advantage lies in that Floorte luxury vinyl is flexible and durable, hiding imperfections of the floor below while avoiding scratching on the vinyl itself.

Floorte luxury vinyl is fully waterproof. Drew Hash, the director of hard surfaces at Shaw Floors has praised the flooring’s ability to withstand weeks of heavy water testing. This makes for easy cleanup from spills. Because of the waterproof aspect, Floorte fits very well in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and basements where hardwood floors would not be a feasible decision.

This flooring option is also quick and easy to install. Floorte uses a special locking system called “FOLD N GO”, which is specially engineered to make installation as easy as clicking the flooring in. This clicking system is infinitely more manageable than nailing in each board of a hardwood floor. We carry Floorte luxury vinyl in Premio and Classico. Classico styles are 12 mil while Premio styles are 20 mil.

If you would like to learn more about Floorte luxury vinyl for your home or place of business, please contact us!