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Wood and laminate floors were all the rage for a while, but the St. Louis market has finally had enough! The hottest interior design trend right now is to go bright and lively with richly colored carpet and vibrant area rugs. The trick is to focus on a vivid color you love for the floor, go much lighter with walls, and select furniture in the in-between shades.

Most Loved Color Schemes from Mohawk Carpet

At Edwards Carpet & Flooring Centers we have access all of the hottest color trends for 2019-2020:

  • Brilliant blue carpets are taking homes by storm! A bright indigo is a lively base for your living room, bedrooms and offices. No longer relegated to little boys bedrooms, blue is the most popular non-neutral right now, it can be dressed up or down to suit your style. This year’s holiday photos will be absolute stunners on a big background of blue! Bright blue hues are great for active families, these colors shout FUN!
  • Blush & berry tones can’t help but give a feminine allure to any room. They came back in to favor in 2014 as muted, watery colors. Today’s top interior designers are going dark and rich with these purplish-pinks. They make a real sensory statement in a luxurious, rich, soft, deep bedroom carpet.
  • Versatile greens can act almost like a neutral (think olive or army greens) or be more vivid. They look phenomenal with wood furniture, neutrals AND bright colors.
  • Bright white is a bold choice and not for everyone, but it’s becoming very popular. Modern materials, stain protection and improvements in carpet shampooing machines has made white a viable option, but you will need to invest time and money in maintenance.

Once you’ve chosen a base color for your floor, you can select texture, patterns and styles of carpet and build up the room from there. Remember, this color trend looks best with a saturated carpet, light walls, and furniture in neutrals or the “in between” shades.

If you’re ready for new carpet, but maybe not ready to dive headfirst into Ocean Blues contact us to sit down with a Mohawk carpet specialist today! We’ll help you choose the right carpet, and include a premium pad at no extra charge when we install.

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