Hardwood Vs. Carpeting, Which One Is Right?

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If you are thinking about updating your flooring to give your home a new or refreshed look, choosing the right material for each room is extremely important. From your entryways to the bedrooms, the right flooring not only helps you build the perfect canvas for the rest of your design, but it can help you save money every month through your energy bills. You can easily update the look and feel of your home without breaking the budget with the expert team here at Edwards Carpet. Contact us to get started on your flooring journey today. Here are a few reasons why hardwood and carpeting rule the flooring industry.


Hardwood flooring has been a staple in home design for centuries. No matter what kind of style home you are looking to build or put together, hardwood flooring allows you to have a strong and versatile backdrop that can easily fit any style. One of the best features of hardwood flooring is that you can change the color or finish multiple times over the course of the lifespan of your floor. On average, a quality hardwood floor can be refinished up to 10 times, allowing you to change the entire look of your home for a fraction of the cost of replacing your flooring. Hardwood flooring is also extremely durable and can easily stand up to the abuse of pets, children, and even some exposure to moisture. If you are looking for a durable material that can easily last for decades, few materials are better than hardwood.

Hardwood flooring does come with a steep price tag, and if you have a larger space, the price of hardwood can really add up quickly. If you are only going to be living in your home for a few years, a lookalike product like luxury vinyl flooring could be a better option, as these products look almost identical to hardwood for about half the price.


Carpeting is far more than a budgeting flooring option. When done right, carpeting can be a beautiful statement piece that is as comforting to your eyes as it is on your feet. We offer a wide array of carpeting options that are perfect for any design or style. Not only will carpeting seamlessly integrate into your home, but carpeting is easy on your budget. The savings keep coming with carpeting, as its natural insulating properties can help you save up to 10% on your monthly heating and cooling bills. The drawback of carpeting is that it is susceptible to stains and that over time it will begin to wear down in areas of regular foot traffic. You can negate that damage by putting down runners or other protective carpeting, which can greatly increase your carpet’s lifespan.

No matter what kind of flooring you are looking for, the friendly and helpful team here at Edwards Carpet is here to help. Contact us today to find the perfect flooring to fit your space.