Home Décor Series: Cottage

Home Décor Series: Cottage

Home decor has become such a creative form of self-expression. It allows you to showcase your creativity and personality through the style of your home. Over the next few weeks, we will be covering various home decor styles and how you can incorporate elements into your own home. This week we introduce you to the cottage style.


The cottage style is described as something graceful, natural, and subtle. HGTV describes the style as something freshly picked out of a lush flower garden with an overall charming effect. A cottage is thought of as a cozy oasis away from the busy world oftentimes found in the woods, by a beach, or a lake. In addition, this style also creates a sense of warmth for those living in the home.


The cottage style incorporates reused, recycled, or refurbished items. It can come from a flea market, resell store, antique store, or even passed down through the family. It doesn’t necessarily follow one specific rule like some other styles do. The idea is to create a cozy environment that feels comfortable and charming. The Spruce states that anything found can be painted or refurbished to fit your aesthetics. For example, an old wooden or wrought iron fence can function as a headboard, while not necessarily matching everything else. You want to look for pieces that will create a light and airy feeling as well. Choose florals, stripes, and plaids for pillows, curtains, comforters, etc. As stated before, the style doesn’t necessarily match perfectly but you do want it to coordinate a bit. So when looking for colors to incorporate, make sure they complement one another.

Imperfect and informal flooring options are excellent for tying in the cottage style. Unique wood flooring is encouraged along with carpeting here and there. In the spaces where wood floors are present, opt for some vintage and soft rugs to tie it all together!

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