Home Décor Series: Eclectic

Home Décor Series: Eclectic

We have been doing a series on various styles and themes of home decor. Your home is fully unique to you, and perhaps nothing allows for more expression of who you are and what your personality is like. Perhaps you like bright colors, unique statement pieces, and fun textures and patterns. Maybe you don’t like to be too confined to one look but like to express yourself through various mediums and styles. If that describes you, read on for more about the eclectic style.


The Merriam-Webster definition of the word eclectic is composed of elements drawn from various sources. This definition holds true for eclectic home decor styles as well. An eclectic style will utilize accents and pieces from many styles and colors, creating a charming and unique look. Eclectic designers don’t sick with one look or theme. They will find freedom of expression in arranging disparate pieces from various styles into one cohesive room. Eclectic style is not very minimalist since, by nature, it will require multiple pieces to create the desired look, but rather than looking cluttered, a good eclectic style will look intentional and aesthetic, as well as warm and comfortable.

Elements of the Style

When choosing an eclectic style, the end goal is to be visually interesting, even fun. For this reason, a colorful tile or patterned floor fits well. Alternatively, if you’d rather not commit to a bold floor, hardwood flooring in a neutral color looks nice with a patterned rug. When decorating in an eclectic style, pick a color palette, and try to orient your decor choices around it for a unified look.

That being said, don’t be afraid to play with bright pops of color, interesting textures, and statement pieces. Plants, art, books, knick-knacks, tapestries, rugs, antiques, and more- anything and everything can go in this style. If you like to thrift-shop or restore old objects, eclectic may be the style for you. This look is perfect for expressing your personality brightly and boldly, and the best place to start is by choosing a fun floor that will lighten up the whole room.

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